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JMC removes illegal hoardings & banners

JMC has launched an intensive drive from today which will continue for one whole month to remove the illegal hoardings & banners from various main roads, on the rooftop of various buildings of city and from the pole kiosks across the city. This drive has been launched in association with the District Administration.

The team was headed by Secretary JMC, Ms. Tinna Mahajan under the overall supervision of Commissioner, JMC, Ms. Avany Lavasa, where the team today cleared Panjtirthi area: From Dohuntly Bazar to Chowk Chabutra, Pacca Danga: From Chowk Chabutra to Parade via Moti Bazar,  Rani Park: From Rani Park to Kachi Chawani via Jain School, Kachi Chawni: From CPO Chowk to Kachi Chawani Chowk upto Ranbir Libarary. All these hoardings were installed without the permission of JMC.

The installation of such illegal hoardings, signboards, posters, banners & bill boards deface the property, buildings and walls of the city and are also constant threat to pedestrians and traffic safety. As per the advertisement, “Whenever any advertisement is displayed in contravention of section 116 of the J&K Municipal Act 2000, the same is actionable as per provisions of section 119 and 384 of the J&K Municipal Act 2000 with fine which may extent to Rs. 5000/- and with a further fine which may extend to Rs. 1000/- for every day during which the offence continues.”

The Jammu Municipal Corporation appeals to the general public to remove all such hoardings, sign boards, posters, banners, bill boards & pole kiosks installed illegally failing which action will be initiated against the offenders and further contravention of the same shall attract penalty against such defaulters.

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