Jammu, 3 September,2022: The Jammu Municipal Corporation Jammu (JMC)  on Saturday conducted a drive against restaurants and hotels for unhygienic conditions in Gumat area  of Jammu.

The drive was conducted by the JMC officials near Gumat, Bus stand against the chain of restaurants there to check whether their owners  are maintaining cleanliness or not in their kitchens, while those hoteliers who violated the guidelines of municipal corporation were fined.

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A restaurant owner said that the JMC officials came and ask him to pay Rs 1000 as fine after examining his restaurant. He further said that he and his other workers use to eat food in the same kitchen where they prepare food for their customers, so there is no chance of not maintaining  hygiene here.

“The Jammu municipal officers came and charged me with Rs 1000 fine. I just gave them my day earnings to them, what will the poor man will save then. They were asking 5000 rupees as fine  but I manage to give them only 1000 rupees”, another restaurant owner added.