Jammu, 17 September, 22: Jammu Municipal Corporation on Saturday conducted a drive from Exchange road (Kachi Chawni) to palace road (Maheshpura), Jammu against local shopkeepers there by seizing their merchandise.

As per the report, the drive was conducted against those shopkeepers who were found encroaching the road there.

It has been reported  that those shopkeepers were raided and  fine who were violating the JMC guidelines.

“Innocent people are being raided and looted by the JMC here. Their only livelihood is snatched by them. Where will these youngsters will go then?, a local resident said.

Another local resident said that the JMC is just looting people here. They just come  and seizes goods of people without any prior warning or notice, he further said.

Aman Zutshi