Jammu, 17 November, 2022: The Jammu Municipal Corporation on Thursday conducted  a drive against those shopkeepers at Narwal market in Jammu, who were displaying their goods in front of their establishments to attract customers.

As per the report, the JMC officials, workers and a Special Municipal Mobile Magistrate, Jammu was involved in this drive, who fined the local shopkeepers for keeping their merchandise outside their shops encroaching public space there at Narwal market, Jammu.

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The JMC officials were seen advising the shopkeepers there to keep their display stands, jalis, grilles inside their shops so that it don’t encroach public space.

A local shopkeeper allegedly told the media that  JMC should demarcate the space here and should inform shopkeepers to keep their goods inside.

“Its okay that JMC is conducting a drive here along with their special magistrate who came with them, but they told us that such drives will start from tomorrow and why they organised it today”, he said.

A local resident said that all the display goods should be kept inside so that public could walk without any hindrance. He further said that JMC should also check street lights and roads if they are working properly or not.

Aman Zutshi