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JKNPP & Team Jammu stand against and for the New Land Laws

A lot of news about the New Land Laws is being circulated to know which political party supports and oppose them. Well, Panthers Party is definitely one of the opposing parties. The Director of JKNPP, Harsh Dev Singh talked to JK Media and narrating the negative impacts of these laws, he expressed his views.

“This law is a disrespect of Maharaja Hari Singh’s vision. BJP had promised to protect our jobs and lands but everything they did was against their promise. First, our jobs were kept open for outsiders and now lands. This has created an environment of insecurity. BJP does fake promises and not at all has leadership qualities. No one takes them seriously, be it Centre or Jammu. They never spoke anything in favour of Jammu in the Assembly as well as the Ministry rather surrendered in every matter. BJP is just using Jammu for their vote bank and power. They should have taken suggestions from other political parties and the Jammu people. Outsiders will definitely come to Jammu not Kashmir like before. That’s logic. Himachal has the same laws, North eastern states have special status then why not J&K? Already settled Kashmiri Pandits were exiled from Kashmir then how outsiders live there now? Dogra culture will be affected now because BJP has always taken Jammu for granted.”

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Well, while JKNPP opposes these laws, on the other hand, Team Jammu welcomes them with open arms but with a twist. They are more than happy to live in J&K UT with the new land laws.

While talking to JK Media, Mr. Zoravar, Team Jammu said “We accept these laws happily. Since, we don’t want unnecessary crimes like land mafia to exist, people with a proper domicile certificate should only be allowed to purchase land in J&K. New industries and companies will come and this will provide employment to our youth. This is development and National Integration. Our children will get good Institutions to study well and get good jobs. Kashmir residents who think investors will not come to Kashmir, I feel sorry for them and their misunderstanding. The residents don’t have any superpower to stop anyone. Many people already live and travel to Kashmir for work. Talking about BJP, this party is just playing for its votes. No one listens to its members, not even the Centre. A person from Jammu always supports things in favour of the Nation and is politically mature enough to understand what is correct for the UT and the Country. If the youth demands special % of employment then I don’t think there’s anything wrong in that.”

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These were the 2 different opinions of 2 different people. What is your opinion regarding the New Land Laws? Do you consider it a boon or bane?

Muskan Langoo, News Producer, JK Media





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