The establishment of all female police stations in “Naya Jammu and Kashmir” following the repeal of Article 370, a temporary provision of the Constitution, and the implementation of a 15 per cent female quota ( JK women police) in the non-gazetted cadre of the J&K Police are contributing to the fight against injustice that the Himalayan region endured during the 30-year period of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism.

The helmsmen have placed a special emphasis on eradicating gender imbalance in the formerly princely state since the Centre’s announcement on August 5, 2019, that it would revoke J&K’s special status and partition it into two Union Territories.

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Women now have the opportunity to pursue their ambitions and realise their dreams because of special self-employment programmes, job and educational sector reservations, and other factors.

They developed into prosperous businesspeople during the last three years and now lead crucial institutions and departments. In every field, they have demonstrated their mettle.
Women were the main targets of the gun-toting terrorists who appeared on the streets of the Valley in 1990 when Pakistan-sponsored terrorism first broke out in Kashmir. The women were instructed to stop working, don veils, and limit themselves to their houses. And those who disobeyed the terrorists’ orders had to endure acid attacks and even gunfire.

The government has created 52 posts for each women’s police station in J&K. Each police station would have an inspector and a sub-inspector, two assistant sub-inspectors, six head constables, 34 constables and eight followers.

The strength of women police in the Union Territory has increased manifold and some women officers have been directly recruited as Deputy Superintendents through the J&K Civil Services examination.