The Jammu and Kashmir Traffic Police have started issuing online challans in Rajouri.

Officials said that the technological intervention is facilitating action against violators. The online process has been started for issuing challans in Rajouri two weeks ago. Sector officers and other officials have been given machines for issuing online challans.

Sector Officer Rajouri, Sukhbir Singh, said that manual challans have been replaced with an online system and technological intervention has been brought in by the department.

“We are now having a small machine in our hand which has an inbuilt camera and is also connected to the internet,” SO Sukhbir Singh said.

He added that the machine is linked with a system containing all the details of vehicles and by entering vehicle registration numbers in it, “we get all the details including owner’s details and  vehicle registration documents.”

“Now with just one click we get all the details of the vehicle and come to know about any document which has either expired or is yet to be made and this makes it easy for us to find violations with just one click and to take action,” SO added.

Regarding the benefit of this technological intervention, SO Sukhbir Singh mentioned less time “taken to find violations and to take action.” ” The system is also user-friendly as a violator receives a fine within minutes and can also pay a fine through online platforms.”

“Now we can also intercept any vehicle having forged documents or fake registration plates and thus online mode is helping us to keep a check on forgery of documents or registration number,” he further informed.

Meanwhile, welcoming the move, the people of Rajouri have however appealed to authorities to address their concern to provide parking slots

“Technological intervention is helpful but the Government should also pay heed towards facilities for the masses, ” said Rukhsana Kouser .

She demanded that traffic cops should take action on wrong parking, adding that there is hardly any parking space available in Rajouri due to which vehicles are parked on the road and people get stuck in traffic jams.