Kashmir, December 18, 2022: In a bizarre incident, a gang of thieves at Main market in Chadoora area of Budgam, Kashmir yesterday night used a stolen JCB excavator to broke some shutters of the shops there and fled away with lakhs of goods kept inside.

According to the report, the theft took place when some burglars stole a JCB excavator and used it in uprooting the shutters of some shops in main market Chadoora and allegedly decamped with lakhs of merchandise from the shops. Later, a forensic team was called, who collected finger-prints of the accuseds from the crime scene and along with that the Police Station Chadoora registered a case in this matter and has initiated a probe regarding this theft.


A local resident told the media that in the morning he received a call from someone that many shops have been looted in the market mentioned above.

“When we came in the morning we saw that two-four shops damaged and ransacked with the help of an excavator. The perpetrators have used a stolen JCB machine to commit this burglary. They used the excavator to lift the shops shutters to rob the goods, CCTV cameras are everywhere and they should be used to nab the culprits”, he said.