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J&K Police orders promotion of 133 SIs

Director General of Police (DGP) Dilbag Singh Saturday ordered the promotion of 133 Sub-Inspectors of Executive Police to the rank of Inspectors here today.

As per a statement issued , a Department Promotion Committee under the chairmanship of DGP J&K met at PHQ on 12-01-2021 and promoted 133 Sub-Inspectors of J&K Executive Police to the rank of Inspector in the Pay Scale of Rs/- 35900-113500-Level-6E vide PHQ Order No. 179 of 2021 dated 16-01-2021.

DGP congratulated the newly promoted officers and their families. He has stressed upon them to continue work for public service with more zeal and dedication.

Those who have been promoted are Parvaiz Ahmed Khanday EXJ109384,Youns Bashir Wani EXK109231, Purshotam Kumar EXJ109559, Purab Singh EXJ109528,Vikas Jasrotia EXJ109536, Asif Iqbal Misgar EXK109478,Vinod Kumar EXJ109370, Liyaqat Ali EXK109375, Amit Pal Singh EXK109163, Masood Rashid Masoodi EXK109344, Manoj Kumar EXJ109510, Sandeep Kumar EXJ109373,Sunil Kumar Parihar EXJ109392, Aga Asgar Ali EXK109521, Mukesh Kumar Sharma EXJ109482, Shahnawaz Teeli EXK109342, Sudesh KumarEXJ016634, Sajad Iqbal EXJ109399, Lateef Ahmad Dar EXK109322, Rahul Mahajan EXJ109562, Mohd Abas Kumar EXK109254, Sushil Choudhary EXJ109508, Ankuj Kumar EXJ109589, Mohd Rashad EXJ109544, Tribhawan Khajuria EXJ109533, Rajveer Singh EXJ109457, Imtiyaz Ahmad Mir EXK109400, Javaid Gulzar Bhat EXK109485, Muddasir Nazar EXK109361, Sarjan Ahmad Dar EXK109168, Ravinder Kumar EXJ109403, Mohd. Abas Chak EXK116417, Jai Paul Singh EXJ109541, Bilal Ahmad Khanday EXK115634, Syed Owais Geelani EXK109161, Zaheer Iqbal EXJ109387, H.M. Shahnawaz Giri EXJ109367, Ab. Latief Shabnam EXK115708, Naseer Ahmad Ahanger EXK109501, Ashwani Kumar EXJ109453, Deepak Bharti EXJ109548, Maninder Singh EXJ109573, Kamal Preet Singh EXJ109549, Anil Kumar EXJ109398, Adil Bashir EXK109461, Sandeep Charak EXJ109566, Sukhvir Singh EXJ109379, Syed Iqbal Rashid EXK109488, Rohit Kumar EXJ109591, Pawan Kumar Dogra EXJ066498, Imtiyaz Ahmad Wani EXK115568, Tawseef Habib EXK109164, Mohd Naseer EXJ109588, Sheikh Sameer Altaf EXK109565, Youg Raj EXJ115662, Mushtaq Ahmad Malik EXK109302, Niku Ram EXJ115710, Waseem Jahingir Shah EXK109272, Masroor Ahmad Ganie EXK109445, Sandeep Kumar EXJ109404, Bupesh Singh EXJ115721, Gowhar Ahmad Bhat EXK109472, Naseer Ahmad Malik EXK109597, Tariq Ahmad WaniEXK109443, Vishal Manhas EXJ109382, Sameer Ahmed Batt EXJ109380, Chander Bushan EXJ109568, Javed Iqbal Choudhary EXJ109500, Sumit Magotra EXJ109484, Afaq Majid Wani EXK109321, Vikas Hans EXJ109444, Jaswinder Singh EXJ109525, Shakil Ahmed Manhas EXJ109391, Gulam Hussan Parray EXK109547, Younis KhanEXK109460, Ashaq Hussain EXJ109381, Arun Bhagat EXJ109406, Sajad Ahmad Parray EXK109167, Tajamul Islam EXK109530, Masoodul Hassan EXK109260, Jasvinder Choudhary EXJ109497, Ashish Sagar EXJ109593, Askar Hussain EXJ109492, Karnail Singh EXJ109494, Mohd Iqbal Bhat EXK116208, Adil Ashraf Bhat EXK109538, Wasim Ahmad Shah EXK109397, Hussain Ahmad Mughal EXK115709, Rakesh Sharma EXJ109448, Mudasir Hussain Zaroo EXK109456, Ashish Choudhary EXJ109374, Reyaz Ahmad Khan EXK109143, Saqib Bashir EXK109574, Muhsin Ahmad Dar EXK115584, Novneet Verma EXJ109450, Deepak Thakur EXJ109385, Suman Singh EXJ115663, Vishal Dogra EXJ109535, Waseem Gull EXK109237, Fayaz Ahmad Chachie EXK115648, Parvaiz Ahmad Gogger EXK109236, Kapil ManhasEXJ109495, Vikram Kumar Panjgotra EXJ109469, Towseef Ahmad EXK109314, Altaf Rashid Kakroo EXK115612, Imran Khan EXJ109520, Rajinder Khajuria EXJ109569, Mudasir NazarEXK109156, Sumeet Sharma EXJ109490, Vijay Sharma EXJ109546, Sunil Kalsi EXJ109451, Mukhtiar Ali EXJ109578, Sandeep Singh Bhau EXJ109474, Khalid Aslam Shah EXK109455, Yash Paul EXJ109491, Surinder Singh Nagra EXJ109594, Subzar Ahmad EXK117836, Tanvir Ahmad EXK126490, Sikinder SinghEXJ119194, Vicky Thapa EXJ119704, Aijaz Ahmad Dar EXK119924, Sohit Trikha EXJ005502, Vinay Gupta EXJ005501, Neelam SainiEXJ006471, Kunti Devi EXJ005499, Samsen Bhati EXJ003729, Vikram SinghEXJ017369, Kanchan Bala EXJ017269, Imran Bashir EXK017382, Anil Kumar Jad EXJ017347, Sampaul GillEXJ026068, Safder Hussain EXJ825837, Syed Mohd Maqsood EXK831944

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