In the backdrop of a ‘chance encounter’ at Nowhatta Srinagar recently, Police on Wednesday warned of legal action against those motorists who fail to ensure both front and rear High Security Number Plates (HSNP) on their vehicles.

The police also asked people to check from nearest police station credentials of person(s) with whom they enter into any deal regarding sale or purchase of the vehicles including two-wheelers.

“In light of investigations into usage of vehicles for transport by (terrorists), all owners are requested to install HSNP on both front and rear of vehicles (in all the two wheelers also) as mandated by Motor Vehicles Act,” police said in a statement to the media. Non-compliance will lead to legal action including seizure of such vehicle, police said in a statement.

“Further all persons selling, renting or providing vehicles (two wheelers included) are also requested to verify credentials of such buyer/user from nearest police station before handing over vehicle,” it said, adding, “Ignorance of procedures will not be an excuse if such vehicle(s) is/are found with subversive element.”

A police informed  the media  that in the “chance encounter” at Nowhatta here it was seen that HSNP was not present on front side and rear was smeared with mud. He said the scooty used in Nowhatta incident was sold by Umar motors to one active terrorist Momin Gulzar for Rs 45,000.