J&K,  September 28, 2022
An Indian Army jawan’s video call to a Jaish terrorist during live encounter yesterday in Kulgam district of Kashmir has been accessed  by a national news organistion on Wednesday, in which an Indian army soldier can be seen advising a terrorist in the on-going encounter to surrender before the security forces.

During the conversation, the army soldier is repeatedly asking the terrorist to surrender before the forces,but the terrorist was adamant on fighting  and refused jawan’s repeated request for the same.  The terrorist addresses the army soldier as ‘sir’ but categorically refuses to lay down arms.

While conversing with the army the jaish terrorist  admitted the fact that he cannot fight against the strenght of the Indian army and adding he said that the Indian army has done alot for the welfare of Kashmir.

Even approaching the final hour of his death the local terrorist admitted the fact that the Indian Army has a big role in working for the goodwill of Kashmir.

The jaish terrorist killed minutes later after the communication.

According to the report, In the viral video, the army jawan was seen refering the terrorist as ‘dost’ (friend) persuading him to surrender and also assuring him safety if he lays his weapons.

Later, the army said in their statement that both the terrorists were repeatedly asked to surrender, but they didn’t, the report said.

This is not the first time that the Indian army  reached out to terrorists trapped in gunfight in Kashmir. As part of the standard operating procedure (SOP)  it has been documented  so many times  that the army & police use to ask the local terrorists to surrender during the encounters and on many occasions the foreign terrorists were also given an oppurtunity to lay down arms, the report added.