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J&K health sector needs serious relook and proper investments to deal Covid-19 pandemic: Bhalla

 Strengthening health system resilience with a focus on primary health care is key to maintaining and strengthening essential health services amid Covid-19 pandemic. The emergence and spread of COVID-19 has reiterated the critical importance of building strong primary health care systems able to withstand acute events while continuing to provide the services required to meet most people’s needs. This was observed by former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla on Friday during his visit to Lower Gaddigarh, Karan Bagh, Bhour Camp, Bhour Kothey and Preet Nagar areas as a part of his continue campaign at Panchayat level amid Covid-19 scare to listen to grievances of aggrieved people in Gandhi Nagar constituency.

 Speaking on the occasion, Bhalla strongly resented that for reducing the rush in city of temples hospitals, the Congress Government had constructed Rs 5 crore Primary Health Centre at Lower Gadigarh but unfortunately BJP Govt during last more than six years could not make it functional which shows BJP Govt’s concern for well being and health of people of Jammu. Amid Covid-19 scare had the PHC made functional, it could have been converted into Covid-19 hospital much to the relief of locals.  He said BJP Govt did not release single penny to make this hospital functional resulting in utter disappointment among locals who have to move city hospitals for even ordinary oilments.In this regard, he urged LG Administration to take care of this issue on priority and must take steps to make this PHC functional at the earliest.

Bhalla urged Govt to maintain essential health and accelerate resumption of disrupted health-care services, hit by the pandemic, as an integral part of the COVID-19 response.The pandemic has put immense strain on health systems across country. Govt must fast track efforts and do all they can to avoid that happening, while continuing efforts to break COVID-19 transmission chains,” said Bhalla,  Since the outbreak of COVID-19, repurposing of health workers, cancellation of elective care, closure of outpatient services, insufficient personal protective equipment, and changes in treatment policy have significantly impacted delivery of essential services. Additionally, changes in health-seeking behaviour, constrained physical access and financial hardship have also limited service uptake, he said.

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