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J&K Congress demands due representation to ST, OBC in Govt bodies

J&K Congress on Friday asked the government to give due representation to people from backward classes and ethnic sections in government bodies including commissions and institutions.

In a statement, the party chief GA Mir and other senior leaders urged the Lt Governor to give due representation to people from ST, OBC and Sikh minority and ethnic sections in the J&K PSC and other such institutions, as has been  the trend in the past.

They said different sections of people were highlighting the grievances due to non-inclusion in these institutions, as per past practice.

“In view of this the government should consider these demands in the light of legal and constitutional provisions and past practice and procedure as well as sentiments and aspirations of theses sections, with suitable choices of eligibility and integrity,” said the statement. “It will go well in the heterogeneous society and pluralistic character of Jammu and Kashmir.”

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