The Jammu Police has started tightening the noose on the drivers who tampered with the chassis of the vehicles and changed them. In the last two days, the police issued challans of 40 such vehicles that had changed the vehicle’s chassis. The police have also warned these drivers that if they change the vehicle’s size again in the future, their vehicle will be confiscated.

Jammu Police says that this campaign will be intensified in the coming days. On the instructions of SSP Jammu Chandan Kohli, all the station in-charges from the district put up special nakas under their police station and took action against the drivers who cut the challans of the drivers who installed modified silencers. By changing the silencer of the motorcycle, some youths make such a sound from their motorcycle as if a bullet is being fired. Such a terrible sound causes noise pollution and spreads panic among people. Due to this, the Jammu Police has started this campaign.

SSP Jammu Chandan Kohli said that the Supreme Court has also directed strict action against the drivers who installed modified silencers. Due to this modified vehicles are not allowed to ply the roads. If someone has got their vehicle modified, then rectify it from now on, otherwise, heavy fines will be charged if caught, and the vehicle will also be confiscated. SSP Jammu also said that installing high-security number plates on vehicles has also been made mandatory. Under the advisory of the Traffic Department, after May 15, the vehicle which will not have this number plate will be confiscated.

Amish Mahajan