Jammu, 19 November, 2022: A video is doing rounds on social media and has garnered many views in which Jammu Police intercepted a stunt biker and challaned as well as seized his bike, yesterday.

The stunt biker can be seen in the viral video pleading infront of the police to let him go as has not performed any stunts, but taking action against the violater the police  paying no heed to his requests seized his bike and register a case.

In order to discourage this menace, Traffic Police City along with District police Jammu has taken an initiative to launch special drives and established special nakas to intercept these stunt bikers, the report said.

These individuals used to do stunts and then post them on social media for publicity.

These individuals can be seen making stunts and driving dangerously which not only posed a threat to other people on the road but also has a negative impact upon other people who might get inspired to do so, the reporter said.


In this connection, both the bike was challaned and seized on spot under relevant section of MV Act.