The condition of the busy Narwal vegetable market in Jammu city will change soon. Various development works are going on fast here. Not only this, the Narwal road connecting Narwal vegetable market and fruit market has also been made of concrete. In a few months, Narwal Mandi will be equipped with facilities.

Various construction works are going on in full swing here. A shed has been made in the market for storing fruits and vegetables. Work on the rest is in progress. Apart from this, the construction of Mandi Plaza is going on. The process of construction of boundary walls and toilets is also being started. Along with providing modern facilities in Narwal Mandi, special arrangements will be made for the traders and farmers.

This vegetable-fruit market of the city is being developed under the Jammu Smart City Mission. Narwal Mandi is the biggest mandi in Jammu and Kashmir, supplying fresh fruits and vegetables. It is to be developed at the cost of about Rs 9.25 crore. Every day about 10 thousand traders and customers move here. A beautiful boundary wall is being built around Narwal Mandi. Apart from this, a three-storey Mandi Plaza will also be built-in Narwal Mandi.

There will be many rooms in which there will be arrangements for the stay of traders and farmers. Likewise, those who bring fruits and vegetables during the night can be accommodated here. Apart from this, arrangements will also be made to park traders’ vehicles here. Apart from this, a canteen is also being made for the food and drink of the visitors, in which food and drink will be made available at low prices.

Toilets and bathrooms with facilities will also be constructed here for those coming to the modern fruit and vegetable market. These toilets to be built under Smart City will be made for the use of men, women, and disabled people. There will also be a room in the toilet for the duty worker. Apart from this, the cleaning system, soap, napkins, and cleaning equipment will also be kept available. This toilet will also be tagged online.

Special care will also be taken for cleanliness in Narwal Mandi. A composting unit will be set up here to dispose of the waste generated from the mandi. The Municipal Corporation will prepare compost from this waste. Jammu Municipal Corporation will see all these arrangements. Apart from this, municipal employees will be deployed for cleanliness here.

“Narwal Mandi is being developed. Its work is going on in full swing. Work is going on on various units. Along with constructing a beautiful boundary wall around the market, a multi-storeyed Mandi Plaza, bathroom and toilet will also be constructed. All kinds of facilities will be given to the traders, farmers, people”, Hitesh Gupta, Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Jammu Smart City Limited.