Jammu locals stage protest, take out democracy’s funeral march

Jammu, Dec 31: Several members of Jammu’s Aam Aadmi Party headed by Chairman AAP J&K Harsha Dev Singh staged agitation against local administration and carried out a funeral procession allegedly in the name of democracy outside Nirvachan Bhawan in Trikuta Nagar, Jammu on Saturday.

The protestors were heard saying ‘Ram Naam Satya Hai’ and holding charpoy with bed sheets on their shoulders, calling it the funeral of democracy in J&K UT.

Interacting with the media, former minister and Chairman AAP J&K, Mr Harsh Dev Singh allegedly said that Democracy has died in J-K and they are conducting its final rites outside the Election commisson office in Jammu, and they are astonish to see that the local regime is being run by the bureaucrats appointed by the centre.

“From past four months a proxy rule imposed by the central regime is running in J&K and outsiders who are not natives of the UT have been operating the administrative affairs here, corruption is at its giddy heights and the masses are deprived of their basic facilities such as water, electricity, health and roads. No, one is interested to hear the woes of local populace. All the political parties in J&K region has failed in their duties. If the central administration considers J&K part of India, then they should restore democracy here, why they are keeping the local people of J&K at bay from democracy”, he said.

He further said that they have staged several protests for the people and today they have discussed all the problems of people with local govt.

“Our economy is degrading everyday and the residents of J&K are in despair with no one in sight to help them.”, he said.