Jammu, 18 Sept, 22: A candle light agitation was observed yesterday by the family members of  a kid namely Soumanya Singh who died recently because of Medical negligence in ‘Shri Maharaja Hari Singh Hospital’ situated at Karan Nagar, Jammu.

The case occurred on 1st of this month when a child namely Soumanya Singh resident of  Satwari’s Chatha area who was hospitalized  in SMGS when he became sick and reportedly died when he was not cared properly by the hospital staff at the hospital.

“We were very close to each other and use to spend most of the time together. I tied rakhi for the last time on his wrist cause Somanya was leaving us”, Soumanya’s sister  said.

She further said that she appeal to the Lieutenant Governor sir to suspend & punish all the doctors who murdered her younger brother.

“Why they are receiving medical training and why they are still working in the hospital if they are incompetent to treat such minor illness, they should resign from the job”, she added.

”Look what they have done to us, my son was very dear to me and they took his life. They have devastated my life. He was not suffering from any grave disease, only his stomach was upset. The hospital staff would have thought that we are ignorant but we know everything. We just demand justice for our kid and the culprits to be behind bars”,  victim’s mother allegedly said.

Aman Zutshi