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Jammu girl pilot of all female crew flying over North Pole

Captain Shivani Manhas, a resident of Trikuta Nagar area of Jammu has become a part of the first female crew to fly over the North Pole. According to her, this flight was one of the longest ones and she was the most junior captain among the crew members.

“My journey started in Aviation when I joined Madhya Pradesh Flying Club, a flying School in Indore after 12th class. I got my basic Commercial Pilot license from there. I went for training after that and got my first job in 2016 in Air India. Ever since, I’ve been working with the same company. This flight was one of the longest ones since it took 17.5 hours and had to cover a distance of 16,000 kms. It was quite challenging as it was the first time a female crew was flying over the North Pole and I was the youngest of all the 4 but we had been given a good training so everything went well.” Shivani said

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Shivani’s parents shared her childhood experience and stated that they were proud of their daughter. They also explained how important it is to trust your children and invest in their respective careers.

“I’m so proud of my daughter today that words cannot express my feelings. I remember when Shivani was a kid she told me about her dream of becoming a pilot. It was a little surprising and frightening too. I could never imagine her flying a plane when I was afraid of even stepping in it. But she was determined and fulfilled her dreams. I think parents should be liberal. They should allow their children to become whatever they want to and invest in their studies. I’m sure their children will not disappoint them. No plot, money or bungalow would help them as much as their education as it is the biggest asset.” Shivani’s father said

“Shivani has not only made us feel proud but also entire J&K and the Nation. We are happy for her. Parents’ support is important for every child’s career. We’ve never said ‘no’ to anything Shivani asked her for in fact, supported her so that she doesn’t feel low. All the 5 years of her training, I stayed with her to give her moral support. Parents’ should trust their children. Small mistakes don’t count when you try to achieve something big.” added her mother

Shivani believes that women empowerment is one of the biggest concerns of current times and men need to understand and co-operate with working women.

“Women empowerment is must. In today’s world where women are flying planes and handling houses alone, men need to learn to live with them. Women are equally important for the society as men are. Our Government is taking good steps for that as we know this flight had 4 female crew members. Also, Parents should understand their child’s needs and help them achieve their dreams how my parents did.” she said

Shivani said that she was proud of serving her Nation and would continue working at the National level even in future.

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