A dispute between the military personnel and the landlord took a bloody turn over constructing a house near the military cantonment in the Lale Da Bagh area of ​​Domana. It is alleged that the army personnel attacked the police party which arrived to resolve the dispute, in which three police officers, including Probationer Sub Inspector (PSI) were seriously injured. The owner of the house and his wife were also injured.

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The injured have been admitted to the hospital for treatment. A case of assault has been registered against the army personnel at Domana police station. This incident of assault took place at around 10 pm on Monday. Vivek Sharma was getting an iron grill installed on the wall of his house near the 22 Mahar regiment of the army. During this, some soldiers from the army camp came to his house. They started breaking the grill. Vivek Sharma alleges that army personnel beat up Vivek and his wife.

Vivek Sharma informed in this regard by phone at Domana police station, after which PSI Sumit Sharma, SPO Naresh Sharma and SPO Rohit Kumar reached the spot. It is alleged that the army personnel got entangled with the police officers and beat them up badly. On receiving information about the beating of police personnel, the outpost in-charge of Pounichak, Nitish Kumar and the police party reached the spot and took the injured police officers to the hospital.

The house owner, Vivek Sharma, was also taken to Gandhinagar Hospital for treatment. Nitish Kumar said that there was a fight over the dispute in the house. The police personnel had gone to resolve the matter, but they were attacked only. Action is being taken by registering a case in this regard.