In yet another domestic violence case, a woman was severely beaten, and her in-laws tried to give it the shape of suicide.

In conversation with the media, the aggrieved woman shared that she has been married for seven years and has two kids.

She said for the first two years of marriage, everything was fine.

But after that, things started changing, her husband started abusing and beating her regularly.

He started drinking also.

As she started raising her voice, her in-laws also started beating her.
Finally, things turned worst when one day her in-laws tried killing her by how she managed to escape from the spot and reach her parents. Then her parents went to the police to file the complaint, but the police handled them with immaturity.

Her brother said he was disappointed by the behaviour of the authorities.
He asked whether we had to compromise every time.

We need justice. It is yet to be seen will the justice be delivered to the aggrieved women.