A 7-year-old child died after he fell into a water tank at his house at Budhal town of district Rajouri .

The incident took place after the mother of the child forgot to close the lid of the underground water tank of her house. He was only brother of two sisters. Reports said the boy, Vivansh Sharma, a resident of Budhal, was studying in the bedroom of his house. The father Sunil Kumar of the deceased, was outside for some work. This lid of the water tank was in the bedroom.

The mother took out water bucket for cattle in hurry and forgot to put the lid on the water tank. When the mother did not return for a while, the innocent child also got down from the bed to follow the mother and fell into the water tank and drowned. The mother when came back, did not see the child and started searching for him but later found him in the tank. The child was fished out by the neighbourers and rushed to hospital where he was declared as dead by the doctors. The police has taken cognizance.