Jammu, 6 Sept, 22: A strange accident has appeared in which a bike caught fire and burst into flames on Jeevan Nagar road in Digiana, Jammu.

Abhishek Chowdhary  owner of the bike said that his motorcycle burst into flames because of the bikes weakened wire-circuit. He further said that he parked his bike on the road and after some time it caught fire.

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He informed that he has bike’s insurance and has told  the company about the incident, who are ready to give the damage claim to him.

“I was standing in my house when I saw this bike burst into flames . Its blaze was similar to a pyre burning in a crematorium, an eye-witness of the incident said.

As per the report, a local resident doused the fire using a fire extinguisher who was present there on the scene of incident. Fortunately, the biker  didn’t sustained grave injuries in this incident.

Aman Zutshi