Jammu, 29 August: Today a full closure (Bandh) is being  observe here in Jammu by the members of the ‘Jammu Bar Association’ in support of their demands.

While the local matadors, vendor and shopkeepers are reportedly seen troubled by the strike cause they have allegedly that they have suffered losses during the corona outbreak and whose burnt they are still bearing, as per the report.

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A local Matador operator allegedly  said these lawyers of bar association are going everywhere in the city and are asking people to stop their work, they are carrying batons and forcefully stopping  people to observe their call for strike, but when they use to protest nobody use to support them.

He further said that during the corona outbreak they suffered major looses whose burnt they are still bearing by paying  the loan installments.

Another Matador operator allegedly said  that the lawyers are vandalizing private property of people cause a  protesting lawyer came and hit his vehicles wind shield with a baton.

“He should have asked me to stop the vehicle and park it on the roadside instead he just came and hit my vehicle with the baton, what if somebody might have sustained serious injuries in the act, and  then who will take responsibility of all this and they didn’t informed us that they are observing a strike”, he further said.

Aman Zutshi