District administration on Wednesday lifted lockdown from Kanak Mandi and restored public activities. However, earlier District administration Jammu had imposed lockdown at 19 area of Jammu city including Kanak Mandi where scores of people tested positive for Covid-19 during Rapid Antigen test.

While talking to JK Media, Business community of Kanak Mandi told, “this market is the biggest whole sale market of Jammu region and after prevention of business activities here it will directly hit common masses. They also expressed anguish that despite knowing the importance of the Kanak Mandi administration imposed lockdown here and in the meantime open all market of Jammu city.

Meanwhile, the strict lockdown was witnessed at all cantonment zones and no public movements were seen in the cantonment zones.

Another side, People of Jammu on Wednesday expressed concern over lifting of weekend lockdown by Deputy Commissioner Jammu.  However, Weekend lockdown has been lifted from Jammu, Kathua, Udhampur and Reasi districts of Jammu and Kashmir following revised guidelines governing the containment measures for Covid-19. The weekend lockdown, being imposed from Friday 6 pm to Monday 6 am including Saturdays and Sundays as per the decision of the respective district.

While talking to JK Newspoint, Jammuities criticized the decision of the government and told, “It is unfortunate when even 19 areas of Jammu city were declared as cantonment zone after several people found test positive of Cov-19 then how the administration lifted the weekend lockdown.

They urged that the district administration should consider its decision as already Covid-19 cases increase day by day. Meanwhile, some people hailed the decision of the district administration for lifted weekend lock down as mostly people especially business community were suffering badly from it.

Meanwhile, despite appeal of Prime Minister as well as State administration to follow the guidelines of Covid-19 and maintain social distance norms but it is unfortunate People of Jammu set all norms a side and tired to crush these guidelines.  There is no proper social distance maintain in Jammu and huge rush were seen on the road which posing threat for those who tried to prevent this deadly disease Covid-19.

Similarly, situation was seen in District Rajouri as people of the district ruled out to follow the Covid-19 guidelines.  Huge rush in markets and official departments was shown the awareness of the masses towards world wise deadly diseases.