Akhnoor, December 13, 2022: In a tragic incident, an 8-year-old-student was crushed to death on Tuesday by a Domana school bus in Gharota village of Akhnoor.

According to the report, the child was walking on the road when a speeding school bus came from behind and crushed him to death on the scene of incident.

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A relative of the deceased told the media that there should be restrictions on the speed limit of the vehicles to avoid such tragedies.

“The victim’s parents are daily wagers and they were working hard for their kid’s future, but today we lost our child to this terrible accident. The license of such drivers should be checked properly and only after that they should be given permission to drive. There should be check on the speed limit of school buses and they should drive very slow to avert such tragedies as this calamity can happen with anyone, the administration should act harsh against such drivers”, he allegedly said.

He asked, who will take the onus if a school bus carrying hundred of students unfortunately meets such an accident.

A police officer said that they have apprehended the accused and the bus has been seized by them and the Gharota Police station is dealing with this case.

Aman Zutshi