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J-K: Floriculture department resumes cleaning of tulip bulbs in Srinagar

The cleaning operations of tulip bulbs began in Srinagar. The floriculture department has started the operations, aiming to make the next year’s tulip show successful.
Farooq Ahmad Rather, Director of floriculture department, said: “Tulip show is only a 30 days event for people but this is the time when our gardeners and labourers get some rest, otherwise they are working throughout the year.”
“Tulip harvesting is very important for us. During the harvesting period, withered flowers are chopped from the top. Following this, tulips undergo grading as a particular size of tulip bulbs can be used for the next season. It is later fumigated. And if we skip this process, we would not have next year’s tulip show,” the Director added.
Abdul Rehman, Gardner said, “This year’s harvesting was impacted due to lockdown, which has impacted the further process. But after reopening, we have resumed the work.”
“The cleaning process also involves chemical treatment and separation of bulb and seed in the cold storage,” Rehman added.
Mohamad Sultan, labour said, “As the lockdown is almost over, we have started the work of cleaning the tulip bulbs in full swing.”

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