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J-K Daily wagers should be given their wages before Diwali: Yashpal Kundal

Daily wagers have been protesting for their pending wages and regularisation since a long time now. But it seems as if Administration has its ears closed for them. This unit of the department is facing a lot of issues. They aren’t able to carry the burden of their children’s’ school fees and the basic necessities of their family.

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Panthers party has lent its support to these daily wagers and are raising their voice for them. Former Minister Yashpal Kundal talked to JK Media about this.

  1. What do you think is forcing JK Administration to not listen to these daily wagers?

It is really sad to see these people protest for their own right. What is their fault? Some of them have worked for more than 15 years and still not regularised. They are still working in the field despite of pending salaries and that is really a big thing. Before abolition of 370, Government made big promises of “worry-free” J&K but I don’t think so. According to Chief Secretary, these people are from backdoor entry. My question is then why did they make them work? What rule and orders does the administration follow when it’s upgrading a railway officer to an IAS? This Government is just for the rich and not for the poor. Government should give daily wagers’ pending pays before Diwali otherwise Panthers party will be alongside and it will become difficult for the Government to handle the situation.”

  1. Daily wagers say that whenever their file is ready the LG gets transferred. What do you is going on?

One of the BJP lady members few days before told that LG is not in good terms with the Bureaucracy. It’s really sad that after every 1-1. Years LG gets transferred. It’s the time when he gets to understand our UT. This is the reason daily wagers don’t get their issues solved. Our current LG sir Manoj Sinha is quite a good Politician and has a mature thinking. He should talk to bureaucracy and solve all the problems. People who have worked for 7 years should be made permanent employees. Since according to Media LG and Chief Secretary aren’t in talking terms, they should think about it otherwise it’s going to be worse for people of J&K.

  1. BJP says talk to us about National and International matters. Do you think they are neglecting local matters?

People gave BJP 25 MLAs so that they listen to them but today farmers are tensed, youth is tensed, old people are tensed. Why are Politicians having ego? People of various departments are protesting. These MLAs should ask about their well being of these daily wagers and act as a bridge between them and the Government. Talking about international matters, my dear MLAs you have been assigned for the local people. Ladies are polishing other people’s shoes; Students are burning their degrees; what do want now? Jan Dhan Yojna was just for a limited time in fact people’s money got all transferred to the Government. Loan worth crores of rich people is being pardoned. We don’t have any problem but the poor who weren’t even able to earn their bread for 4 months should also be taken care. This is the reason why they are sitting on the roads fighting for their right. But Panthers party is with them and will support them unless they get their rights successfully.

  1. It’s been 1.5 years and still the LG isn’t good terms with the Central Government. Do you think it’s being lingered on to create some matter of elections?

Fooling people will not work anymore. Along with lectures they need food (ration). Jammu and Kashmir both have different cultures, different language, and different climate and to understand both of them is quite difficult. The Delhi-Jammu co-ordination of the Government is not good and that’s why the issues of Jammu people, Kashmir people, Jammu’s youth, etc. are still pending. I feel the people of Jammu have a bad fate because they are not getting anything they voted for.





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