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Is there magic in Hardik Pandya’s bat?

New Delhi: Chandan Bhardwaj

IPL season 13 is at its peak. Some records are being made in every match while some are getting broken. The number of superovers that have taken place in the IPL so far have happened in the first season. The bat of the feet, where the fire is blowing on one side, the bowler is leaving no stone unturned to keep the legs tied tightly. Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians are in great spinning form. By becoming an element, Royal Challengers Bangalore have made their intention to name the title this time. But today we will tell you what’s special in Hardik Pandya’s bat that he hits long sixes.
Hardik Pandya amazed Mumbai fans by scoring 21 runs in 11 balls against Kolkata Knight Riders. In this short but fiery innings, he hit 3 fours and 1 huge six. Pandya left the ground at duck in the last match, so everyone’s eyes were on Hardik Pandya since the beginning of this match. Pandya told the secret of his bat after winning the match in these lines
“I’ve been using this way for the last three years now and it’s doing fine. I pay more attention to my technique and shape. I go deep into boutique and really like to know about these things. I am working on these things and when it all goes well, I take it for granted so that it is very easy to watch the game and play it ”
Apart from this, when Hardik was asked about his technique, he said
“I play my disciples in an easy way. I don’t think much that how the bowler is going to bowl. I think a bowler is the one who prepares himself and then does the analysis of it.”
Hardik Pandya has not played any big innings in this IPL but has contributed to the team’s victory by scoring more than twenty runs (each) in four of the last five innings. If Mumbai Indians are getting the chains again from the defending champions, then it is important for Hardik Pandya to walk. Also, captain Rohit Sharma is in tremendous form.





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