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Is Digitization possible on 2G?

Grievance being redressed , launching a mobile application , tackling corruption , filling of forms, payments and from anything to everything , everything is now being done on digital platforms , development is taking place in India , and J&K is no exception . Giving tough competition to the outside world, J&K is no exception in terms of development, but there is a major difference. If look closely, this difference is not just the internet restrictions, that except a few districts, everyone in J&K is being digital and giving tough competition on 2G or even poorer connection in some districts . All that the people here are getting on the name of internet is mere extension dates. Protests are now being seen almost everyday. Youth here is fed up now, of the fake promises that every leader [political parties] makes and from the extension of internet restrictions. . J&K is the 2nd highest when it comes to all states and UT’s of India, in terms of unemployment. Drugs peddlers are being caught almost every other day now , the drug cases are at a rise in this newly made UT.

The government is taking every initiative to make people of the developing country DEVELOPED. Trying to do everything on digital platforms, to make people here aware about the usage of digital modes of communication. Though, it has been a need of hour to make communication and gatherings possible on digital modes because of the ongoing pandemic in the world.

The government is taking appreciable measures , but , what people here feels like is that , they are forgetting J&K when it comes to development , but remembers when it comes to powers , removing article 370 and focusing on Kashmir . People here are thinking that it’s just the fake absurd reasons that they are giving to put internet restrictions, as terrorist activities are still seen.

Where India is ready to welcome 5G internet speed and services, the youth here in J&K is still struggling to balance their life out with so many on going problems. A lot of people are still not in a financial position to pay such expensive fees in tuitions for competitive exams, and they depend on free classes on internet, but on 2G , they buffer , which kills their rhythm of study .

Getting a lot of complaints from the youth , businesses and almost every sector here , administration is still having firm feet on 2G .
But the question that arises here is , is digitization really possible on such slow internet connectivity ?

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