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Is Centre’s New Land Policy of J&K Pro-Jammu or Anti-Jammu?

New land laws have been implemented in J&K UT and the views about these laws are varying from person to person. Some are happy with this decision of Government while some have shown resentment. Omar Abdullah has given a statement “J&K is on sale” about the new laws.

Ankur Sharma, Chairman of Ikjutt Jammu presented his views to JK Media and said “After abrogation of article 370 and 35A it was quite obvious that these laws will be implemented. With open arms, we welcome these new laws as they are pushing us towards greater National Integration. The employee system before August 5, 2019 was just 10% in Jammu’s favour. Kashmir based political parties are against these laws because they want to maintain the Muslim majority character and build an Islamic state from back door. This step is for Jammu’s empowerment and I think every Jammuite should agree with it. Kashmir political parties have problem with these laws because it affects the Muslim demography. They are in contact with the terrorists and Pakistanis. I suggest Jammu should be given the status of a state and Kashmir should be divided into 2 different UTs; One for Kashmiri Pandits with special security and the other for Kashmiri Muslims. Although this step along with many other steps in Jammu’s favour should have been taken since 5th August but this is a great beginning and I support this decision.”

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People have been waiting for development since a long time now. Finally when new reforms about non-agricultural and agriculture land have come out, many are opposing them. They feel that BJP has taken a wrong measure and due to this the people of Jammu feel that their lands and Dogra culture will be snatched away from them. One such opposition comes from JKNPP.

Gagan Pratap Singh, State Secretary of Jammu Kashmir Panther’s Party (JKNPP)said that “Panther’s party is clearly against these laws. Whatever BJP is doing is wrong. It’s just because of them that Rohingyas and Bangladeshis have become a part of J&K. They are getting Aadhar card, Voter id, and free electricity despite being illegal immigrants and now everyone is being given the right to buy land in Jammu. In next 5 years, people from outside will occupy Jammu and we will be forced to see the Lakhanpur gate because no one will buy land in Kashmir but everyone will wish to be a part of Jammu. First we were made to struggle for jobs and now our own land. BJP just knows how to surrender. They should feel ashamed for their deeds of supporting PDP, a party that disrespects the National flag. Both these parties are working under the carpet to bring back the alliance into action and disintegrate the culture of Jammu but Panther’s party will not let this happen. Now the people of Jammu need to be alert.”

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Different people different views; different political parties different thoughts, but what matters is what the people of Jammu think about it because they are solely going to suffer/progress with this decision.

So what do you think about this? Will the new land laws lead to development in Jammu or will opportunities for progress will be taken away from Jammuites?


Muskan Langoo, News Producer, JK Media





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