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Indian Youth Congress launches ‘Rozgar Do’ campaign

Indian Youth Congress (IYC) on Saturday launched the nationwide “Rozgar Do” campaign to highlight the issue of rising unemployment.
“Congress has been time and again raising issues to remind the government about the promises that they had made when they came into power. Unemployment is an important issue. Even before the COVID-19, the state of the economy was frightening. A record of 45 years of unemployment was broken,” said Pawan Khera, National Spokesperson, Indian National Congress here.
Pointing on new data and report on unemployment, he said around 13.5 crore people will be unemployed due to the COVID-19 crisis. “We keep on warning the government but they do not bother about it,” he said.
Joint Secretary, All India Congress Committee, Krishna Alavru stated, “The growth rate of GDP had fallen by 40 per cent.”

“Our growth rate which was already crawling due to unplanned imposition of the lockdown has today reached the ventilator due to Modi Ji. Modi-led government has stated that the apocalypse of the economy is the Act of God,” said Alavru.
“This is wrong. When Prime Minister Modi had announced demonetisation in November 2016, a lot of jobs were destroyed. Lakhs of MSMEs were affected while many people were left with no job,” he added.

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