As the much-awaited India-Pakistan clash is set to take place on Sunday, the excitement among the fans is also skyrocketing with every passing minute.
In Varanasi, the fans gathered on the ground to cheer for Team India. They called the match very important for the tournament.
“India and Pakistan are playing against each other after 10 months, also it is the first match of the Asia Cup, so it is a very important game for India. Our players are in very good form. We would like Team India under Rohit Sharma to beat Pakistan under Babar Azam,” one of the enthusiastic fans said.

Similar scenes were also observed in Aligarh, high excitement was seen among the local cricketers. In Aligarh Cricket Academy, players painted tricolours on their cheeks and were cheering for Team India with tricolours in their hands.
The coach of the academy, Ajay Sharma said that all the cricketers here are very excited.
“They have painted tricolours on their cheeks and are holding tricolours in support. We all are cheering for Team India and want India to win” the coach said.
The craze of the fans reached the next level in Kanpur. Here, the supporters of Team India conducted a ‘Havan Puja’ in the Radha Madhav Mandir, with full rituals, wishing for Team India’s victory.
The supporters prayed for India’s win and looked very confident regarding India’s victory.

“We have conducted this Havan in this prominent temple for India’s victory. We want India to continue defeating Pakistan. We are very sure that India will win and we will distribute sweets after that,” one of the supporters said.
“Today, not only the 11 people, but the whole 130 crore people are playing. We have prayed for Team India’s victory,” another supporter said.
The Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan will be played at Dubai International Stadium on Sunday.