Army has given a big gift to the villagers by constructing a footbridge across the river under Operation Insaniyat in Jala village of Chhatru area in Kishtwar district of Jammu division. With this people will be able to cross the river easily. Now his life will not be in danger. The construction of this bridge will facilitate the movement of half a dozen more villages around. They will have to reduce the distance from four to five kilometres to reach the student.

Earlier, to cross this Nankoon river, the villagers had to pass through the two trees put in the river at the risk of their lives. Whether women, children, older people, or cattle, all faced difficulties crossing the river. None of the public representatives or administrative officials cared for the villagers and paid no attention to their problems. Recently, a boy from Jala village had fallen into the water while crossing it with the help of trees planted in the river, which was somehow saved. After that, the villagers demanded the construction of a bridge from the administration.

He also approached the 11 Rashtriya Rifles of the Army located in the Chhatru area for help. When the army came to know that the village people were able to cross the river with great difficulty and go out of the village and reach back to their homes, they took the initiative to build a footbridge there. Within a week, the army built an iron footbridge named Insaniyat Bridge in the village.

Army’s 11 Rashtriya Rifles have built a 45 feet long and three feet wide iron footbridge for the people. The bridge is strong enough to bear the load of five-six persons. It can also be used for the movement of cattle. This initiative of the army has further strengthened the relationship with the public. The footbridge was inaugurated on Monday by Brigadier Pranab Mishra, Commander, 9 Sector Rashtriya Rifles, in the presence of administrative officials, dignitaries, and people.

This iron footbridge dedicated to the people of the area has reduced the distance of this village, including half a dozen surrounding villages. Chhatru town is about seven kilometres away from these remote villages. With the construction of this bridge, the distance of students from these villages has been reduced by four to five kilometres. Smiles have come on people’s faces. They appreciate this work of the army.

Amish Mahajan