Indian Army strongly refutes the malafide propaganda against one of the most disciplined, chivalrous and valiant organizations, the Indian Army. The fact is:-

“Shri Vivek Sharma, a local resident next to Damana Garrison, has been indulging in illegal construction activity in violation of NOC guidelines issued by Govt of India. Numerous complaints to this effect have already been lodged with local police. However, no jawan of the Army has ever manhandled Shri Vivek Sharma on the date and time stated by the individual or, for that matter, any other time.

The photographs are attached of Shri Vivek Sharma hours after the last Army Jawan left the site, where he can be seen in fit medical condition, walking around with police officials. The allegation levelled by Smt Chandni, Wife of Shri Vivek Sharma, is also factually incorrect.

The subject news conveys misleading information about J&K Police, wherein it mentioned that the police officials rushed to the spot after receiving a complaint from Shri Vivek Sharma. Rather, it was the Army officials of Lale-da-Bagh Garrison who contacted the police, requesting them to come on the spot and intervene in the matter, and when the police officials expressed their inability to come on the spot due to non-availability of transport, the Army officials of Lale-da-Bagh Garrison requisitioned the service transport for the conveyance of police. All the police personnel mentioned in the newspaper report were brought on-site by Army in its service transport to intervene and halt the illegal construction.”