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India capable to handle Chinese aggression in best suitable ways: CDS

At a time when a fresh standoff is going on with China, Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat said that India wants peace and tranquillity across borders but at the same time the Army is capable of handling any Chinese aggression.

“We want peace and tranquillity across our borders. Off late, we have been seeing some aggressive actions by China but we are capable of handling these. Our tri-services are capable of dealing with threats along our frontiers,” CDS Rawat said.

While addressing the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, CDS Rawat said India’s policy of engagement, if not backed by credible military power and regional influence, would imply acknowledging China’s preeminence in the region.

The former Chief of Army Staff said India faces the most complex threats and challenges spanning a full spectrum of possible conflict — from nuclear to sub-conventional — but asserted that the armed forces are ready to deal with them.

“China’s economic assistance to PoK and continued military and diplomatic support to Pak mandates high level of preparations by us,” Rawat added.

In a clear warning to Pakistan, Rawat said the country will suffer “heavy losses” if it attempts any misadventure against India taking advantage of the border row with China.

“Should any threat develop along our northern borders, Pakistan could take advantage of that & create some trouble for us. We have taken precautions that any such misadventure by Pakistan is thwarted. But in fact they may suffer losses should they attempt such misadventure,” CDS Rawat added.

The Chief of Defence Staff spoke extensively about how Pakistan has been engaged in a proxy war against India and pushing terrorists into Jammu and Kashmir, attempted to spread terrorism in other parts of the country.





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