Samba, 4 September, 22: These days various areas of Jammu  have been reportedly affected by the heavy down pour of rain and yesterday it has been reported that Mananu village of Samba witness a havoc when it was lashed by the heavy rains.

As per the report, the Mananu village of Samba  has been submerged in water since yesterday cause of heavy rains.

The whole area has been submerged following heavy rains, the report said.

A flood control official said that on 14th of august this village witnessed the similar floods and that time their team came assessed the damage and build stone crate walls to protect the area from floods. He further said that  today they again came here to asses the damage so that people can be saved from flash floods.

“The flood has damaged the earthen embankment here which  can cause more serious damage here and we have came here to prepare a report on the wreck caused by floods so that this area can be protected”, he said.

He further added that the report will also be submitted to the local District commissioner and their chief official so that  desilting in the local drain can be begin to channelize the waterlogging.

“Every year the local residents use to only raise one demand that the drain should be desilted so rain water can be channelized to avoid heavy damage here. The down pour which have happened here yesterday has unleashed a calamity in this area, there is a big need of desilting the drain here to save the people their houses and livestock. I don’t think it such a big demand which cant fulfilled by the local administration and the flood control department”, a local resident said.

He further said that the local administration really need to take this matter seriously as the situation can be very alarming here in the coming days if stone crates and strict protective are not  placed in this village in-time.

Aman Zutshi