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How to prepare a traditional “Lohri ki Thali”

Sunder mundriye ho!
Tera kaun vicharaa ho!
Dullah Bhatti walla ho!
Dullhe di dhee vyayae ho!
Ser shakkar payee ho!
Kudi da laal pathaka ho!
Kudi da saalu paata ho!
Salu kaun samete!
Chache choori kutti! Zamidara lutti!
Zamindaar sudhaye!
Bade bhole aaye!
Ek bhola reh gaya!
Sipahee far ke lai gaya!
Sipahee ne mari itt!
Sanoo de de Lohri, te teri jeeve jodi!
Bhaanvey ro te bhaanvey pitt!

Lohri is here and everyone is in the mood for celebrations. From wearing salwar suit with phulkari chunni and traditional kurta pajama, to eat rewari, khajur, popcorn and peanuts as well as enjoying the much awaited warm bonfire.

Lohri is celebrated as a winter crop celebration season. It is celebrated one day before Makara Sankranti , which is a harvest festival as well.

Lohri falls in the month of Paush and is set by the solar part of lunisolar Punjabi calendar and in most years, it falls around 13 January of the Gregorian calendar.

Traditional Lohri songs often mention the Indian Sun god asking him for heat and thanking him. As we embark on a journey of yet another year with hope and happiness, it’s that time of the year when the winter festives are around the corner and the enthusiasm can be felt everywhere!

Right from preparation of delicacies made with peanuts, gur and til to delicious savouries, Lohri is on the cards and here are few traditional foods that you can include in your Lohri ki Thali!



1. Gajak

Gajak and Chikki are terms that are often used interchangeably for the same snack.
Safed gajak, which is made of sesame seeds & white sugar is also an important part of the Lohri celebrations.

Til Ladoo

2. Til Ka Ladoo

This delicious and traditional winter sweet, made with jaggery and roasted sesame seeds, is one of the most important Lohri delicacy that is enjoyed even much after the festival is over. Til ladoos have a longer shelf life and are made in huge batches.
These can be stored in air-tight containers & consumed throughout winters.
Prized in Ayurveda for its ability to generate heat and energy in the body and its beauty and hair benefits, sesame seeds are loaded with nutrition that makes it a must-have in your winter diet. Prefect winter snack , that by a way of festival , becomes an important item in everyone’s homes.

sesame Rewari

3. Rewari

These are bite-sized sesame and delicate sugar snack . No one can control themselves after eating one of them as they are so delicious. Rewari together with popcorn & peanuts are two of the top foods that are put in the fire on Lohri festival.

4. Til ( items made with til, like gajak, chikki,rewari and laddoo)

“Eat til and gur and speak well.”

Til and gur are two of the most commonly consumed foods in winters. In the winter days ,families prepare delicacies made of til and gur like, gajak, chikki,rewari and til ka laddoo. Their longer shelf life makes it possible to store the snacks for a long period of time. Since time immemorial, til and gur have played their significant role.
Til and gur are also prized in Ayurveda as two of the most winter-perfect foods that helps to keep the body warm and also increases the immunity at the same time.
The oil present in the sesame seeds helps generate body heat and keeps the internal body temperature from dipping.

5. Jaggery

Jaggery’s iron and vitamin C content has also been used as a traditional remedy for respiratory disorders and throat problems.

Makki ki roti

6. Makki Ki Roti

Makki ki roti is the best pair for the festive season ,especially in winters .It is prepared with simple ingredients like maize flour, ghee, salt and red chilli powder. One can also add fenugreek leaves in the dough to enhance the taste and make it more healthy. So, grab the ingredients and try it on Lohri.

7. Zarda

It’s sweet saffron rice — a traditional Indian dessert rice dish that’s aromatic and infused with saffron, nuts and ghee. Its vibrant yellow color and sweet taste make it a perfect dish to serve for a Lohri gathering.


8. Peanuts

Peanuts are as popular as they are healthy. They’re an excellent plant-based source of protein and high in various vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds. They can be useful as a part of a weight loss diet and may reduce your risk of both heart disease.


9. Popcorn

Popcorn is a good source of polyphenols, which are antioxidants that have been linked to better blood circulation and digestive health, as well as a potentially lower risk of certain cancers. Another health benefit of popcorn is that it is high in fiber and is good for brain too.


10. Batasha

A sweet diish that we can find in every temple and gurudawara as prasad. And ,this delicious prasad plays an important role in Lohri as well. It is a sweet dish made from sugar .It is also known as sugar candy .

With keeping the hopes high, let’s fill this auspicious day with all the warmth, love and joy in the universe.


Hiya Aneja

Life Style Content Creator


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