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How to get the “Ultimate Nude Glam” in 2020

A nude makeup, be it sultry brown eye or a pale lip color is a beauty staple these days. No matter how hard we try, we cannot deny the fact that last few years esp., 2019 and 2020 have been all about Nude makeup looks. Whether it is about all the looks that we see on social media or famous beauty creators on Youtube, everyone seems to be obsessed with Nude makeup these days and why not?  It is so simple, elegant and literally looks good on everyone. Even I tried to take a dip into this trend and trust me I am not disappointed. This Nude glam look that you see right here is what I created with affordable beauty products and to know how I did it, please keep on reading.


Set a good base


Now the key to any beautiful looking makeup is the base that you set for the next layers to come. Your base doesn’t only include your foundation but your skin care as well. Cleanse your face properly and layer your skin care generously on your face. Let it settle a bit and then go on with your foundation. Here, I have used a cream-based foundation, but you can use any that you have sitting in your vanity.


Use a beauty blender


Now, there are no rules as in what tools to use to blend your foundation but here I used a beauty blender to blend my foundation properly. Using a beauty sponge just takes off the excess product from your face and gives you the right amount of dewiness which I absolutely adore. The most important aspect of a nude makeup look is its fresh skin effect, so skip using lot of foundation. This is the first rule of the nude makeup look. You will have to unlearn whatever you’ve learned about applying foundations and concealers. You should not look caked-up while trying to look natural. Use foundation carefully and know when to stop!



Keep your eyes very bare, with a wing



Only apply mascara (make sure to curl your lashes before) and a light, matte skin-toned eyeshadow for the nude makeup look—it’s best to keep to the beige and peach family. This will even out any discoloration on the eyelid and give a hint of color, but still keep your eyelids looking bare. I added that a wing for that extra oomph which looks very flattering with the whole eye look.


Focus on your brows but don’t overdo them


Let your brows be the standout feature. First clean them up and set the hair in place with a spoolie brush. Avoid filling your brows in with a pencil, which will cause them to appear too defined. To master the nude makeup look, use an eyebrow gel or wax, to keep that brushed-brow-look throughout the day and night.


Keep the cheeks all natural


Instead of applying your usual pink or coral blush, use skin-toned colors instead, as it will not interfere with the whole nude vibe going on. Apply it in a sweeping motion, from the apples of your cheeks backwards towards your temples.


Apply a nude lipstick


Use a skin-toned, matte nude stain on your lips. I used a pale nude shade which basically enhanced my natural lip colour. The key to attaining the nude makeup look is making sure your lip colour doesn’t look like a lipstick. This can be achieved by blotting your pout with a tissue after applying. It should look like your natural lip colour or a tint at most.


Don’t forget to highlight

Be it any look, skipping your highlighter is like making a blunder, when it comes to beauty. So, apply it on the high points of your face. Here I wanted more of a my-skin-but-better kind of glow but if you want to keep it glowing to the gods then you are free to do so.


So, that was pretty much it. Now, that you know how to achieve this sultry Nude glam, go on give it a try and be a head turner this festive season. I hope these tips work for you and if they do, don’t forget to comment down below.


U.S. Lima

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