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Horticulture Department team inspects Pvt Nurseries in Jammu district

A team of Horticulture Department today inspected private registered / accredited Fruit plant nurseries of Jammu District.

The team led by Nursery registration Officer checked all the bills for sale of fruit plants being sold up to date. The experts from various fields checked the mother blocks, root stock blocks of various fruit plants. The team instructed the nursery owners to display the rate list of all fruit plants being approved by the department of Horticulture.

The nursery owners were also instructed to maintain the proper record of their nursery as per the guideline of the Department.

Strict instructions were given to tag the saleable stock of fruit plants indicating name of cultivars, root stock used and the source of scion wood.

They were advised to get the bud wood approved by the Nursery Registered Officer before adopting grafting operations.

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