Amidst the rising prices of domestic gas, now LPG distributors have demanded from the government to increase their commission. Organizing a press conference in Jammu under the banner of All India LPG Distribution Federation, LPG distributors warned that if their demand were not met, they would first express their protest by wearing black badges on June 1 and if their demand was not accepted, even after that. If so, they will completely stop hem delivery from July 1.

Before the press conference in Jammu, apart from Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, LPG distributors of three union territories of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh and Chandigarh discussed their strategy in this context by organizing a meeting. While addressing the press conference, Federation General Secretary Manoj B. Nangia said that the oil companies are not giving commission to the LPG distributors as per the minimum pay scale, fuel cost and maintenance of vehicles.

Companies have not increased our commission for three years, while in this time the prices of diesel and petrol have increased by more than 35 per cent, while inflation has also reached very high. According to the rules, he said that commission should be increased every year, but this is not being done. He said that it is becoming expensive for him to run the dealership with such a low commission in this inflation. This is because they have to deduct the salaries of the workers working in their dealerships, the cost of vehicles, warehouse rent, dealership office rent, electricity and water charges etc., which is not enough.

LPG distributors demanded fixing additional rates for home delivery in hilly and other inaccessible areas, saying that labour and fuel costs increase in these areas due to which their commission is not being read fully. Federation general secretary Manoj B. Nangia said that the LPG distributors had done a good job amid covid. He continued the supply without caring about his life, for which Prime Minister Narendra Modi also praised him, but he is not being taken care of.

Amish Mahajan