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Health Benefits of Green Tea

Researchers have tried to know how regular intake of green tea can be good for the mind, heart and overall health. Some reasons behind the unexpected popularity of green tea

Drinking green tea is foe sure super healthy and full of anti- oxidants. Some people even claim that regular intake can help reduce weight. Green tea is now becoming one of the most popular drinks worldwide.

Researchers have tried to know how regular intake of green tea can be good for the mind, heart and overall health.

There are some reasons behind the unexpected hype of this amazing super tea.


Benefits of health from green tea:

  1. Blood sugar control- Catechin is a type of anti-oxidant found in green tea. It has been found to reduce blood sugar levels. The use of green tea inhibits the digestive enzymes which may slow down the secretion of sugar in the blood stream. It is safe for diabetics to drink green tea but doctor’s advice is necessary before use.
  2. It is true that green tea is not caffeine free and using it can give you a chance to be more alert. It is better to drink green tea during the day than at night or evening. This can be a better option than coffee for daily caffeine intake.
  3. Green tea can improve mood- According to a research report published in Phytomedicine, the consumption of green tea is associated with feeling less anxious. The presence of Ltheanine in green tea is identified as a mood-altering compound.
  4. This is good for your brain – Green tea contains a variety of catechin anti-oxidants and a variety of polyphenols that can be good for your brain health. It provides protection to the body from damage due to free radicals. 21 separate research on green tea revealed that drinking green tea can improve memory and meditation.
  5. Good for heart health – Green tea with catechin contains flonol. It is also a type of anti-oxidant that can reduce bad cholesterol. Instead, it can be beneficial for your heart health.
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