Well this match has almost everything you can expect from a T20I game already and we are still three overs away from the first 10 overs being completed. Dinesh Karthik is very, very lucky here.

A brilliant throw from Axar Patel at short fine leg and in real time, it looked like that was a direct hit and Maxwell was well out. The decision goes upstairs and replays show that DK may have whipped off the bails before the ball hit. But another angle shows that while Karthik did disturb one bail, the other was intact until the ball actually hit the stumps. The Indians on the field and in the stands waited with bated breath and the third umpire decided that since the bails truly came off only after the ball hit it and DK had no contact with the ball at all. Maxwell is shaking his head and screaming into his hands while covering his face as he walks off. It was the correct decision, though, he will realise that once he looks at the replay after having a cold shower.

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