Jammu, December 11, 2022: Some local residents of Jammu on Sunday appeared before the media and expressed their resentment for a private school girl student, who was prevented from not attending the classes due to non-payment of school fees, yesterday.

Talking to the media Mr Amit Kapoor said that he felt despair when he came to know about the girl student who was thrown out of school, when her parents were not able to pay school fees.

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“Just half an hour ago I saw this video on social media, in which a little school girl of a private school in Jammu was saying she was barred from attending school for non-payment of school fees. I forwarded that link of the video to a page on social media known as ‘Parents Association’ and asked if anyone has that kids parents number please forward it to me. A 2002 ruling of Supreme Court has said that one cannot ask a student to pay fees and  ‘Jammu & Kashmir Committee for Fixation of Fee Structure’ (JKFFS) supports the same. The Director of education should take cognizance of this matter as why he has not done anything regarding this issue so far”, Mr Kapoor allegedly said.

He further said that some local private schools of Jammu in collaboration with education department and ‘JKFFS’ are running a nexus here, they decide the school fees according to their wish and ousted school kids when they don’t pay them their hiked amount fees.

“These type of school must be closed here to stop the commercialisation of education and we must stand against such institutions. The parents of such students fears the school administration that’s why they don’t come in public openly, but we should support them”, he added.

Aman Zutshi