Jammu, December 10, 2022: A girl student of a private school in Jammu, who is studying in 5th standard was prevented from joining the class over failing to pay school fees on Saturday.

As per the report, the matter came to light when the student appeared before the media and alleged that she is being prevented to attend the school by the school administration, when her parents didn’t paid pending fees of one year.

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“The school administration has barred me to sit in the class and they have told me to pay pending fees of one year to attend the school. Today, those students who didn’t paid their pending fees were made to sit in a separate BYJU’s room of the school. My father use to pay my school fees on annual basis, but the school told me that it should be paid every month and not annually”, the girl student said.

She further said that there were other students till tenth standard of the school, who were barred entry in the classroom because of the similar issue.

Aman Zutshi