Girl raped, blackmailed by servant at home in Jammu

Jammu: In a freak incident, a girl was raped and blackmailed by a servant at a home situated at Talab tillo, Jammu, yesterday.

As per report, a girl who was working as a maid to take care of an elderly man raped by a servant of the same house at Talab Tillo.

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The accused Pawan Kumar of Kanachak raped the victim and also made her obscene videos, which the culprit used several times for raping her.

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The incident came to light when the girl broke down and told the nearest police station about this felony happened with her.

The police has started an investigation into this matter and is looking for the accused.

The National Crime Bureau has said in one of their report that crimes against women in Jammu & Kashmir go up by 15.62% in one year and more than 7,000 accused have been arrested.