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GCC Gurha Slathia organises Badminton tournament with Sports Council in Samba



Gurha Slathia

GCC Gurha Slathia organised a Badminton tournament in Samba on Monday in collaboration with Jammu and Kashmir UT Sports Council.

As per the members of the organisation, the Tournament was conducted to boost the confidence of the players, provide them assistance and keep them away from drugs affecting their health.

“The youth is getting distracted these days. Pulling them away from drugs is our goal. I thank the organisers for the management and the platform they have provided to the youngsters.” said a team member

“I think Government should provide such assistance in every sport. I’m a hockey player and request Administration to develop hockey grounds for the players. Academics is important but sports and fitness are equally important.” added the other

The Badminton players thanked the tournament organisers and said it was a good platform to showcase their talent.

“Thanks to GCC Gurha Slathia and Sports Council for the support they have shown. They often assist us for matches. Government should promote sports more in our country so that our youth bags olympic medals.” the players said

Muskan Langoo, Content writer, JK Media

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BJP celebrate Modi’s birthday, Congress protests as unemployment day in Srinagar




Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday organized a special function to celebrate the 71st birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at party office in Srinagar.

Meanwhile, youth Congress celebrated the day as “ National unemployment Day” in Srinagar.
A BJP spokesman said here this evening that a function was organized at party headquarter in Srinagar in which senior party functionaries participated.

Senior party leader and spokesperson Dr Darakhshan Andrabi inaugurated a Photo Exhibition on Prime Minister. Large number of people participated in the programme.
Andrabi said India has witnessed corruption free governance because of Mr Modi after decades. “Prime Minister’s programmes and schemes are meant for weaker sections of society, deprived class of society, women, tribal population, farmers, labourers and youth. We are witnessing a peaceful terror-free environment not only in Jammu & Kashmir, but also throughout the country under his leadership, she said.

Andrabi futher said that historical decisions taken by PM have ended social discrimination, class-conflicts and lip-service appeasement and replaced with Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas & Sabka Vishvas.

She said we have been successful in creating an environment of transforming the future of India into a world power by seeing the Atamnirbhar Bharat mission in action at different levels showing great impact. In J&K, by scrapping of Article 370, we have seen the ailments of J&K getting cured slowly,” claimed Dr Andrabi.

Youth Congress activists today organized a protest rally at Press Enclave raising slogans against the unemployment, price rise of essentials and petrol and diesel.

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Employees involved in anti-national activities will face termination: J&K Govt




Any Jammu and Kashmir government employee involved in anti-national activities will face termination, a senior officer said.

He said the Government has ordered that every employee is mandatorily required to maintain absolute integrity, honesty and allegiance to the Union of India and do nothing which is unbecoming of a government servant.
The government has also warned employees to face termination from service for their involvement in anti national activities or association or sympathy with persons Involved in any act of sabotage, espionage, treason, terrorism, subversion, sedition, secession, facilitating foreign interference, incitement to violence or any other unconstitutional act.

However, the order issued by the government on Thursday said that the decision of the Union Territory (UT) Level Screening Committee (UTLSC) can be reviewed by the Review Committee, on reference to it by the UT Level Screening Committee or on the representation of any aggrieved employee or employees.

The government has constituted UTLSC for the purpose vide Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services (Verification of Character & Antecedents) Instructions, 1997, notified vide Government Order No.191B-GAD of 1997 dated 09.12.1997 as amended from time to time, for its decision. The UTLSC has been authorized to conduct periodic verification of character and antecedents of Government employees and recommend action.

Commissioner-Secretary to the Government Manoj Kumar Dwivedi said that a Government employee is bound by the J&K Government Employees Conduct Rules all the time during his service. These rules, he said, contain various provisions covering a wide range of activities governing conduct of employees in public and private.

The committee shall during periodic verification of character and antecedents of Government employees investigate his or her Involvement in any act of sabotage, espionage, treason, terrorism, subversion, sedition, secession, facilitating foreign interference, incitement to violence or any other unconstitutional act. Association or sympathy with persons who are attempting to commit any such acts or involved in aiding or abetting or advocating the above acts.

The government order said involvement of an individual’s immediate family, persons sharing residential space with the employee to whom he or she may be bound by affection, influence, or obligation or involved in any of the acts, directly or indirectly, having potential of subjecting the individual to duress, thereby posing a grave security risk. Failure to report relatives, persons sharing residential space or associates who are connected with any foreign Government, associations, foreign nationals known to be directly or indirectly hostile to India’s national and security interests and failure to report unauthorized association with a suspected or known collaborator or employee of a foreign intelligence service. Reports indicating that representatives or nationals from a foreign country are acting to increase the vulnerability of the individual to possible future exploitation, coercion . Report contacts with citizens of other countries or financial interests in other countries which make an individual potentially vulnerable to coercion, exploitation, or pressure by a foreign Government.

The order said that on the basis of discrete verifications , a list of adversely reported employees received by the Government from time to time shall be taken into cognizance by the concerned Administrative Departments which shall then immediately report it to the General Administration Department (GDA), the order said.

However, in the event, such employee or employees are due for promotion (Functional Non-functional), their cases shall be put on hold immediately. Further, such cases shall be submitted to the UTLSC constituted for the purpose.
The official order said that on confirmation of the adverse report by the UTLSC, further action shall be taken against the adversely reported employee(s), which may include termination from Government services. The decision of the UTLSC can be reviewed by the Review Committee, on reference to it by the UT Level Screening Committee or on the representation of any aggrieved employee or employees, the order issued said.

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Fever creates havoc: Over 100 deaths in five states, MP, UP badly affected




High fever across five states in north and eastern India have claimed more than 100 lives, according to officials. In Madhya Pradesh, nearly 3000 fever cases have been reported with its town Jabalpur ordering a ban on air coolers to curb spread of dengue.

In Uttar Pradesh, the Firozabad district reported “mystery fever” in August, with the government later confirming it was dengue. The state’s Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh told The Associated Press that most cases were caused by dengue, a seasonal viral infection spread by mosquitoes, followed by leptospirosis, scrub typhus, and malaria.

There has been a surge in dengue cases among children in many districts of Uttar Pradesh. The Uttar Pradesh health minister Jai Pratap Singh had informed that the state government is taking all the possible steps to control the outbreak of viral fever in the state.

In Madhya Pradesh, more than 2,500 people have been infected by dengue so far this year, a health department official was quoted by news agency PTI on Sunday. The admission rate of dengue patients in hospitals was around 20 per cent, MP programme officer (for control of vector-borne diseases) Dr Himanshu Jayswar told the news agency. On the same day, the official said that Jabalpur reported the second highest dengue cases – 325- since January 1, tadding that the remaining cases were reported from the state capital Bhopal, industrial hub Indore, Agar Malwa, Ratlam districts and other places. As per reports from different parts of MP, medical teams and squads of civic bodies were visiting dengue-prone areas across the state and taking steps to destroy the larvae of such mosquitoes.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, around 1,200 children are affected by fever and respiratory illness over the past five days while at least two have died in north Bengal, according to the state health department. A senior official of the state health department told HT, “In some samples, we have detected Respiratory Syncytial virus (RS virus) and influenza-B virus. Covid has been detected in one case. There has been no specific outbreak.” He confirmed that the number is still lower compared to previous years.

Bihar has also reported 14 deaths suspected to be respiratory pneumonia.As cases of high fever among children surges, news reports say that paediatric wards of Patna are filled to capacity. Asking people not to panic, state health officials say the state sees cases of pneumonia every year. However, the cases have been reported a little earlier this year, the officials said.

Viral fever has claimed the lives of several children in Haryana. As per state health department, some of the fatalities may be because of pneumonia and gastroenteritis. An investigation has been ordered. In Chilli, a small village in Haryana’s Palwal district, a “mystery fever” has killed more than eight children in the past two weeks. At least 44 other people, 35 of whom are minors, have reported fever-like symptoms and hospitalised (private hospitals).



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