Jammu, Dec 07: In a bizzare incident, 11 armed men robbed  a house near Green Belt Park at Gandhi Nagar in Jammu, holding the occupant family hostage at gun-point for around six hours. The incident took place  around 7am in the morning.

As described by the report,  the incident took place when a gang of 11 armed men  barged into a house situated at Gandhi Nagar at 7’o clock in the morning and forced the family members inside their house, while snatching their mobile phones they held the family members hostage at gun-point demanding ransom for their life.

It has been learned from a report that the gang of masked robbers took approximately 12 lakhs of cash from the victim ‘Aggarwal’ family.

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The invaders pushed all the members of the family in one room and demanded money from them as ransom, the report said.

The suspects kept the victims hostage shockingly for six hours and released them after they got the cash from victims, as per the report.

Police has currently launched a probe in this matter and further details will only be available after thorough investigation.


Aman Zutshi