In the holy month of Ramzaan, a 38-year-old man named ‘Shamsudeen ‘ was murdered by his friend for money. The police have caught hold of the accused, and further investigation is underway.

Shamsudeen left his home to buy a couple of cows and buffaloes to sell their milk and earn a profit from that. As per the family claims, he didn’t come back they even tried to contact him several times, but there was no response. The family came to know about the murder the next morning when one of the community members informed them. He was immediately rushed to the hospital to shift to the ICU. Fighting with life and death for twelve long days, he eventually breathed his last.

Altaaf ( accused) and Shamsudeen were very good friends for fifteen years and were told by neighbours that no one would have imagined their friendship would result in this brutality.

When Altaaf didn’t come to see his friend in the hospital, police grew suspicious, and during the investigation, police detained him. Finally, he confessed his crime and told the police that he stoned Shamsudeen to death for money.

Shamsudeen is survived by his wife and five little children. The family hopes that justice will be delivered to them.

Aditi Tikku