First ever female volunteer joins ‘VDC’ to avenge Rajouri Killings

Jammu: Rekha Sharma on Thursday has become first ever woman to join ‘Village Defence Guards’ (VDGs) after the dastardly Rajouri terror attacks, in which seven people lost their lives.

In a viral video, Mrs Rekha Sharma was seen firing shots in the air with her weapon and training herself to fight tooth and nail with the terrorists if they attack again at Dangri in Rajouri.

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“The women’s of Dangri will never bow down in front of enemies, we will avenge our massacre.They will fight for the country, just like Rani Lakshmi Bai took up arms against the Britishers in her defense”, Mrs Rekha Sharma said warning the terrorists.

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The kids, women, youth have taken a vow to fight the terrorists. We will sacrifice our lives, in order to take revenge of Dangri massacre “, Mrs Rekha said in a valiant tone.

Earlier, authorities distributed weapons among ‘Village Defence Guards’ (VDGs), comprising local volunteers following the Dangri massacre.

At Dangri, where terrorists killed seven Hindus in attacks on Sunday and Monday, there are 72 armed VDCs.